ASI Study: Promotional Products Beat Prime-Time TV

Ad specialties are less expensive per impression than most other media

TREVOSE, PA – November 8, 2010– The Advertising Specialty Institute today released a landmark study that proves advertising specialties beat out prime-time TV, radio and print advertising as the most cost-effective advertising medium available.

The most significant findings of the 2010 Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study show advertising specialties are less expensive per impression than most other media* and are very affordable and effective when compared to other forms of media.

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8 fatal marketing errors..

Article written by Jesús Lopez from the “blog del Marketing” (es):

” Marketing programs are usually realised by experts employed on behalf of the companies, however, they also make some fatal mistakes as far as marketing is concerned:

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Holidays in China

I think this information is important for everyone in our market: importers, distributors, clients… There will be a lot of Holidays in China the next

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French-Kissing The Changing Face Of Our Industry

Article from Michael Crooks from Crooks Advertising Alliance.

I’m sitting here staring in disbelief at an $83 UPS bill for 4 lightweight, plastic calculator samples that look like Lego® blocks. When I ordered the samples, I didn’t know that they were being shipped to me DIRECTLY FROM CHINA! Now I’ve got four, $5 samples that cost me north of $20 each. After a bitchy email back and fourth with my supplier, I find out that I can’t show them to anyone anyway.
Why? Because in addition to my hissy fit over the freight cost, I complained that the numbers on the calculator, that are the same color as the buttons, don’t show up as well as they did in the photo on which I based by decision to order the samples. I was informed that the product is being remanufactured to correct that problem. Great! I now have 4 calculators that do not accurately represent the final product. And I’m not likely to spend another $80+ to get the new ones…

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The Winners of the World Cup-Gadgets!

Within a few days the sporting event of 2010 begins, the World Cup in South Africa. The Orange madness is already completely broken out, a few of the World Cup gadgets: World Cup hands, dangling, Gogos, encourage horn, Beesies, orange plophat and ING Bank personal debit card.

The winners of the World Cup action, according to the survey, are the Bavaria-orange dress and the remote controlled cooling server of Grolsch.

The gadgets are getting crazier, more advanced and cooler …
Let’s hope the Dutch team will be World Champion.

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Orange-Crazyness began early this year!!

This year the Orange-Crazyness for the World Cup of Soccer began a lot more early than the past years. For the people who don’t know what the Orange-Crazyness is; in Holland (The Netherlands) you have the best supporters of soccer. For every championship the supporters go crazy and dress themselves into orange as much as possible. Things like orange hair, orange faces, orange clothes. Actually every spot of the body is orange.

Most of the companies did not only begun earlier by ordering promotional supporter products, but most of the companies also made it bigger this year. The &Co Concepting and the Trendbox announced this last Thursday. The two agencies are initiators of the Orange Barometer which examines the different promotional actions.

See here below some examples of the Orange-Crazyness!!

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Guerilla Marketing – the new gun!

What’s new in the world of marketing?

Let’s take up our arms and let’s join the cause of Guerrilla Marketing or radical marketing …

For those who don’t know what the Guerrilla Marketing means; it’s an “aggressive and flashy” marketing technique. They reach and achieve goals through non-conventional ways not seen before, like using alternative strategies in order to capture niches with a small budget, but with a lot of creativity!!

See here some good examples of Guerilla Marketing!!

Guerilla Marketing for Playboy …

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7 Rules on Safely Importing from China

import from ChinaThese days, well over half of the promotional products/advertising specialties/premiums used originate in Chinese factories. That’s the reality of it. And, there are reasons for it.
Quality has continued to improve, and there’s certainly a value and flexibility there that’s hard to achieve in the US for custom or labor-intensive projects. But there are many potential pitfalls which can cause take a toll on your time, your finances, and your sanity.

1. If you don’t have the lead time, don’t do it. You can think about it, but don’t do it. Even if your purchase order is very direct in indicating a bill of lading date by which you require shipment, most factories regard this as a strong suggestion, and don’t understand just how important it is for your client, especially when the goods are being used for something like a date-sensitive special event. An agreement for the specific stages of the production plan and the boat you’ll ship on helps. So does the ol’ ‘fake date,’ where you actually have an extra week to accommodate eventualities in case they occur. Of course, to employ this latter technique, you need the time.

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