Gift & premium industry expects price increases.

The larger distributors in the industry to announce strong price increases, which will be introduced at the commencement of the winter collections.

It shows that the following reasons underlying them

– Appreciation of the Chinese currency in relation to the dollar, buying in China is much more expensive now.
– Rising labor costs in China due to stringent rules regarding working conditions and the introduction of a minimum wage.
Tighter rules on the pollute of the environment.
– Appreciation of the dollar in relation to the Euro (about 20% in the recent months).
– Rising prices by the significant demand for products from Chinese factories. In 2009 there was, due to the crisis, ordered less by wholesalers from Europe and there is now a catch-up going on.
There is also a significant increase in demand from the local Chinese market, making the commodity prices under even more pressure.
Rising transportation costs from China to Europe.

Expected is that increases of 10% to 30% won´t be an exception.