ASI Study: Promotional Products Beat Prime-Time TV

Ad specialties are less expensive per impression than most other media

TREVOSE, PA – November 8, 2010– The Advertising Specialty Institute today released a landmark study that proves advertising specialties beat out prime-time TV, radio and print advertising as the most cost-effective advertising medium available.

The most significant findings of the 2010 Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study show advertising specialties are less expensive per impression than most other media* and are very affordable and effective when compared to other forms of media.

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Promotional inflatable drawings

For many years children make drawings, putting their imagination on paper.
Wouldn’t it be even more fun if they could play with these colored drawings? To let these drawings really fly or drive?
Right now that’s possible with the inflatable drawing!

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FUNNY FAN – the ecological promotional fan!

I don’t know how you deal with it, but personally, when it’s scorching hot outside I almost faint, I become irritable, impatient and a bit aggressive!!

It’s obvious that during the hot season a FAN is essential to endure such warm temperatures…

Of course the promotional fan is not new. On the other hand, the ecological, recycled, 100% personalised fan is new!!

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After the ingenious GripClip, we present the StikkiClean: A small product double sided, doubly effective!

How to use it?
You put the printed side of the StikkiClean, facing down, on your LCD, phone, Ipod, camera etc… and you will be able to remove the dirt off it by scrubbing lightly with your finger tip. After using it, you just stick the printed side of StikkiClean, face up, onto the cell phone or digital screen body.

It can be taken on and off many times and it can be water washed as well !! How great is that??

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