Orange-Crazyness began early this year!!

This year the Orange-Crazyness for the World Cup of Soccer began a lot more early than the past years. For the people who don’t know what the Orange-Crazyness is; in Holland (The Netherlands) you have the best supporters of soccer. For every championship the supporters go crazy and dress themselves into orange as much as possible. Things like orange hair, orange faces, orange clothes. Actually every spot of the body is orange.

Most of the companies did not only begun earlier by ordering promotional supporter products, but most of the companies also made it bigger this year. The &Co Concepting and the Trendbox announced this last Thursday. The two agencies are initiators of the Orange Barometer which examines the different promotional actions.

See here below some examples of the Orange-Crazyness!!

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Gifting a Deluxe Poker Set

People do different activities to utilize their leisure time. Usually, retired people get more leisure time to spend and they like playing games to use this free-time. Games are played for fun and excitement. Most of the people play poker just to get out and socialize. Poker is a very popular game, especially in US & Europe.

It can also be played online. However, activity of playing a live poker offers you an opportunity to mingle around and make friends. Elderly, retired people need to socialize much more than others as they get to make conversations that help them build their network.

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Tapatap – the new beverage can cap

The problem with beverage cans is that once opened, whether you finish it, or you throw it half full in a garbage if you don’t want it to empty out in your back-pack.
(Obviously, this never happens to me with a can of beer, as I always finish it on principle)

Finally we have an efficient solution not to waste your soda (or whatever) and transport your opened cans with you without any risk.

The New Tapatap!
This Spanish patented product allows to save the beverage you don’t finish, and preserve all its proprieties thanks to the 100% hermetic cap.

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What is the Atrapamovil?

It’s happening almost every day with women. Your mobile phone is ringing and you cannot find it in your bag.
This also happens to me almost every day, my friends always say that I should buy a smaller bag, but it still wouldn’t help in my opinion. Or you did find it finally, and in a hurry you grabbed the phone out of your bag… and then, the phone falls out of your hands, on the floor, and smashed into pieces.

Well there is now a solution for this. THE ATRAPAMOVIL!!
It’s a mobile phone catcher!!

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7 Rules on Safely Importing from China

import from ChinaThese days, well over half of the promotional products/advertising specialties/premiums used originate in Chinese factories. That’s the reality of it. And, there are reasons for it.
Quality has continued to improve, and there’s certainly a value and flexibility there that’s hard to achieve in the US for custom or labor-intensive projects. But there are many potential pitfalls which can cause take a toll on your time, your finances, and your sanity.

1. If you don’t have the lead time, don’t do it. You can think about it, but don’t do it. Even if your purchase order is very direct in indicating a bill of lading date by which you require shipment, most factories regard this as a strong suggestion, and don’t understand just how important it is for your client, especially when the goods are being used for something like a date-sensitive special event. An agreement for the specific stages of the production plan and the boat you’ll ship on helps. So does the ol’ ‘fake date,’ where you actually have an extra week to accommodate eventualities in case they occur. Of course, to employ this latter technique, you need the time.

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Questions you should consider while selecting Promotional Products for your Campaign

Posted by Gagan Deep from

promotional products Promotional Products are a great Way to promote your business among your target audience. Customized Products imprinted with your logo always keep your brand name in the mind of your customers every time they use them. The Success of your campaign depends on the promotional products you are going to give to your Customers. So I am going to discuss some Questions which you should ask yourself for getting best Promotional products for your campaign.

Whether my customer needs this Product? This is the most important Question to ask , Whether your customers are really looking for the product you are going to give them or they would always stay under drawers and cupboards of your customers. Whether the product you are going to give them is used daily or just occasionally.

Whether you would be happy to get this product as Free Gift? This is similar to previous Question but this would help you to filter cheap products or products which don’t look good. Select the products which you would like to receive.

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ASI Study Gauges Usage and Potential of Social Networking in the promotional products industry

The Advertising Specialty Institute®, the largest media and marketing organization serving the advertising specialty industry in the USA, today announced the results of an exclusive social networking study gauging the impact, usage and potential of social networking among ASI distributor, supplier and decorator members.

Results show that about half of respondents expressing an opinion (53% of distributors and 48% of suppliers) feel they will be increasing the time they spend with social networkinginthe next two years. Nearly 90% of respondents also feel social networking already is or will become a good way to promote their business, but there is no overall consensus about which site is most relevant today.

The study indicates that LinkedIn, an online site for professionals, is used by about 54% of distributor members and 46% of supplier members who responded to the survey, and that the majority with accounts (93% of the distributors and 85% of the suppliers) use it for business purposes. About 25% of distributors noted that it is the most relevant social network for the future.

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