A world without promotional products ! (6/6)

Imagine, up from tomorrow, there are no promotional products any more in the world.
What is the impact apart from my own businesses to collapse?

What will a world without promotional product look like ?
Be careful, if you can’t give the answer, it might mean that promotional products are useless !

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Promotional Condoms fight against aids

Take out a condom and help fight against aids.


On December 1st ( World day of fight against AIDS), an outdoor poster showing the word “AIDS” written with more than 500 condoms was displayed in a lot of spots throughout the city of Rio grande do Sul in Brazil.
As people were invited to take condoms out of it, the word AIDS began to disappear, increasing awareness on the importance of using condoms to stop the spread of AIDS.

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Direct Daily blog

Today Doc logo+ suggests you to visit Marc van Wageningen’s Direct Daily blog! If you’re involved in Marketing you’ll love his blog about the best

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