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direct daily blog

Today Doc logo+ suggests you to visit Marc van Wageningen’s Direct Daily blog!
If you’re involved in Marketing you’ll love his blog about the best direct marketing around the world..

Here is the link: Direct Daily

The blog is excellent !
See the example below, I’m quite sure you’ll visit his blog then.

The brief was to give some extra attention a week before the “world animal day”, with a minimal budget. The tennis ball is a well-known dog toy. Exactly the reason why this item is chosen to promote; the biggest webshop with different kinds of dog toys. We dropped 500 tennis balls in city-parcs. When the dog ran to his owner with his new found toy, it read: “Buy something different for a change. Dogtoys keeps your dog smiling”. And that makes the owner smile as well.
Agency: &KS, The Netherlands.

Here is the link : direct Daily