Those Damn Promotional Pens 1/1

Mathilde PPIBLOG: I have one question to the professionals of our industry:

Why the hell are we still using pens as a promotional product?

The promotional pen is STILL one of the most common advertising tools in our industry! Along with other writing instruments, it represents more than 10% of the promotional products total sales

Its use as an advertising product is so widespread that its efficiency is nowadays questioned!
It’s not easy to stand out among hundreds of other promotional pens passing by the hands of a same person.

– Have you ever asked yourself: “Is my communication efficient when using promotional pen?”
– Do we have to bet on banality, already seen, to convey our brands?
Is the use of promotional pens a bad habit we are not able to break? As I smoke my cigarette after meal, a firm can’t help printing pens with its Logo?

Obviously, this product makes me baffled: Worshiped by some communication professionals and damned by others… I need your cooperation: thanks for shedding some light on this!

Come on, writers of the PPIBlog! Take up pens!

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Singapore: a wealth of opportunity

singaporebusinessman Today, Singapore is simply booming !

Its cultural adaptability, trade-friendly policies and geographical location make it very attractive for all businesses and this is great for the promotional products industry!

Influenced by both British and Chinese culture, Singaporeans perfectly blend East and West.

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Something new about European Sourcing ?

Sandrine Balaguer is giving us some news about European Sourcing !!

For those who are not aware of “europeansourcing”, it’s a Mega on-line database,

Genuine search engine of promotional objects and business gifts, listing more than 1500 catalogues of European suppliers…
Its goal: To connect the promotional product market actors in Europe, while respecting everyone’s working habits and culture.

What’s new about European Sourcing??
Interview between DocLogo+ and Sandrine Balaguer:

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“Guerilla” Marketing…

Doc Logo + What is “Guerilla Marketing” ?

According to Isaac Belmar, expert in Marketing and Communication, the Guerilla Marketing is a marketing philosophy which is defending a non-traditional use of the media… Actually, its technique is to add another element to the media: a different and innovator one, which have a strong impact on the target appeal.

The key of Guerilla Marketing is to catch the attention… Which is possible if you manage to differentiate yourself from the dozens of competitors who are struggling to fill their clients’ mailbox with tasteless promotions…

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“Beach” marketing…

After the Street marketing era…comes the “Beach” marketing time! The Australian communication agency Rapp Collins dealt with the promotion of the fantastic documentary series SHARK

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Spread the Word About Your Company Through Promotional Products

creativeThere are hundreds of ways of putting your promotional message across at a tradeshow or a promo event. Among them are methods as exotic as setting up a light show with multi-colored laser beams playing with your logo and slogan on walls and floors or of the trade show hole; or having some hot models (with large imprinted logo, slogan on those scanty pieces of clothes that cover their bodies) to stand in your booth or walk around the hole, handing out your promotional gifts to people to their shock and pleasure.

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