Something new about European Sourcing ?

Sandrine Balaguer is giving us some news about European Sourcing !!

For those who are not aware of “europeansourcing”, it’s a Mega on-line database,

Genuine search engine of promotional objects and business gifts, listing more than 1500 catalogues of European suppliers…
Its goal: To connect the promotional product market actors in Europe, while respecting everyone’s working habits and culture.

What’s new about European Sourcing??
Interview between DocLogo+ and Sandrine Balaguer:

Hello Sandrine! I heard there’s something new about EuropeanSourcing?
Please, tell us about the services you offer to final clients from now on:

Yes, our database isn’t for the promotional objects retailers’ use only.
Since November 2007, we also offer to final clients a selection of new products, market leaders.
This selection is presented on the home page of this website: and on, a website, specially dedicated to business gifts.
Nowadays, European enterprises need information, advices, and choices for their promotional objects and business gifts.
Kadobjet is satisfying this need. Of course, final clients don’t have access to suppliers’ destinations. They can contact their distributors with the benchmarks of the products in which they are interesting in. If they don’t have any distributors, we can give them the destinations of the nearest distributors-advisers !

EuropeanSourcing database remains a tool mainly dedicated to the professional of our industry. But what are exactly the services offered to them?

Our database was actually created for distributors.
This database lists more than 1500 paper catalogs of only European producers and importers . Each page is scanned and indexed by product.
Thanks to this method, distributors can search, like they were used to skim through paper catalogs. It’s only really easier, faster because they are in fact browsing on the web .
In this way,the distributors have also access to 2 other services :
The Selection space: a selection of new products and leaders with indicative selling and buying prices which also allow searching for ideas by budget.
The Promotion space: clearance products and special offers at low-price promoted by the suppliers themselves.

Finally, each distributor, member of the European Sourcing can contact our team by phone, or email, if he needs help in his research.

New services for 2008 ?

Yes, since the beginning of 2008, we publish on the web « specialist » websites : European Sourcing TextileEuropean Sourcing Ecriture
In each of these websites, distributors can only find our specialist suppliers’ products.
There are also changes for Italian, Spanish, and german-speakers : European Sourcing published online 3 new databases listing only the suppliers’ catalogs of their linguistic area: For Italian distributors for German distributors for Spanish distributors

Thanks to these 3 new websites, we want to meet the needs of the distributors who are only working on the national market.
This obviously only allow suppliers to appeal national stockists.

Sandrine, let me ask a sensitive question – How much are your distributors’ services ?

We offer distributors a 200 €/ year pack which includes ALL our services:

Access to more than 1500 European suppliers’ catalogs
– Selection space: New products and suppliers’ leaders.
– Promotion space : promotional offers
– Help for researches

But you must know that you can try these services for free !!

Thank you very much Sandrine!!
And for more information:
See also on our blog:”European sourcing: European promotional objects database.