Silicone wristbands history

Silicone wristbands were first made popular in 2004 by cyclist Lance Armstrong as a fundraising tool for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The yellow silicone wristbands

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Silicone wristbands UK

Who didn’t see this product yet? Colorfull silicone wristbands with a message or logo. Many suppliers in the UK propose this product, some are cheap,

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The silicone wristband’s successor?

Is the polyester wristband going to replace the incontrovertible silicone wristband?

It seems that the Polyester wristband is knowing more and more success as a promotional product! Made of the same material than the lanyards, they are used in the same purpose than the silicone wristbands: comunicate a (promotional) message, proclaim its belonging to a group, etc.

But what are the advantages that will make you choose the polyester wristbands rather than the Silicone one?
First of all the MATERIAL: polyester is much softer and confortable to be worn than silicone. It won’t pull your body hair or skin each time you take it off !!

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Quill, pencil, and promotional product

My colleague made me discover a new promotional product I had never seen before:
It’s the combination of a promotional pen, and a goose quill, all customized with your text or logo.
The result is a striking communication with an improbable product!

The characteristics of this product are the following:

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