Promotional product for cholestorol awareness!

I live in France, I love to eat and drink, so of course I know about the cholesterol problem. Each time I met my Doctor he warns me about it.

clogged straws But many people ignore the danger of cholesterol. Coronary diseases are the main cause of death in Portugal. More than 37,000 deaths every year in a country with a population of only 10 million people. High blood cholestorol is a big risk factor. Secretly replace regular straws of some selected fast-food restaurants around the country for clogged ones, simulating the effect of an artery blocked by cholestorol. By trying to use them and not being able to, customers would then look at them and discover the message written along the side: “High blood cholesterol will do the same to your arteries. Watch what you eat. Ministry of health”.

Agency: Fischer Lisbon, Portugal.

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