The role of promotional items during the Independance campaign of Scotland

Last 18th of September, Scottish had finally the possibility to speak their mind thanks to the referendum on Scotland independance : “Should Scotland be an independant country ?” The answer was NO but weeks before, we could assist to a “battle” between the pro and the anti. What did we see everywhere to help people show on what side they were ? Promotional items of course !

BRITAIN-SCOTLAND-INDEPENDENCE-VOTEThe-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (7)

The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (8)The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (6)

Personalized goodies were activists’ number 1 weapon. Of course, the most successfull item was the national flag.  Fan clappers had a big success as well, as they were neither heavy nor bulky and they allowed to put clearly your ideas up. You couldn’t miss Foam hands as well. Personalized badges were also everywere, just like in all political battles. They’re classic, except when they are on glasses, just like below.

The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (4)The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (1)

In a cute style, we saw  inflatable balloons printed with NO or YES. Hard-liner activists chose  a must : the personalized tee-shirts while  bold ones dared body makeup they wore bare chested (with a kilt of course). Using your body as a communication medium. Message well-received thanks to this pushy attitutude ! 🙂

The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (5)The-role-of-promotional-items-during-the-Independance-campaign-of-Scotland (2)

Finally, we have to talk about these pompom girls “on the returns” who dared (bold girls) to personalized themselves their pants, each one wearing a letter for SCOTLAND. Isn’t this national pride moving ? 🙂

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