The studded customized wistbands : for your communication

Horizonsources is well known for being the specialist of custom silicon wirstbands .

You are looking for glow-in-the-dark or fluorescent wristbands we can do it. You have in mind to create a silicone wristband  with metal sheet  on which will be engraved your text : ask for it and we’ll do it. The choice is quite huge . You just have to be creative to be in.

Buying your customized wristbands direct from manufacturer will bring you some advantages : we can easily help you to find the wristbands  you are looking for.

Some months ago we had the opportunity to create a custom made wristband : just have a look on the model we produced for  a famous singer in France :  Renaud.

This leather wristband has been manufactured according to the customers’ wishes.  As you can see it from the photo the result is really original.

It was personalized with a design  in metal representing the phoenix of his latest album.

To produce this custom wristband, it’s better to supply us with very precise specifications : plan and exact sizes are required..


If  you are not able to give us those information, do not panic we’ll find a way  : a simple picture in high resolution  should be ok for us to create the mold.

This leather wristband can be adjusted easily to fit your wrist : you have three positions available.

Such a lovely wristband needs a special packaging : Here again Horizonsources is able to propose you the best one. Whatever you want  we will help you to find the right packaging. the price will be higher but honestly, it’s worthy.


If this is not your choice  because your target is to fit a lower budget, you remain the master of the final decision and we can send those wristbands in bulk.

For any further information you may need  or to get a quote , do feel free to contact Horizonsources by mail Or give us a call. We will be happy to help you.