Personalize your own key chain !

If you’re looking for a cheap and useful advertising product for your clients, think about our silicone key chains.

Because they are 100% customizable, the silicone key chains are the ideal product to promote your company or association. You can choose the color of the silicone key chain through the PANTONE color range. With its usefulness, the key chain will promote your company anywhere and at anytime.

How to order and personalize the silicone key chain?

  • The minimum order quantity for our silicone key chains is 300 pieces.
  • You can print your own logo or text with the color of your choice; you’re also free to choose the font of the text.
  • A wide marking choice: printed, embossed, debossed or debossed and filled in.

The delivery lead time is three weeks from the confirmation of the artwork, which we make you for free.
If you’re interested in this product, feel free to contact us through the phone: 04 76 32 80 50 or by email: .