A magnetic bookmark to save your reading!

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Magnetic bookmark in bookDo you like reading? If you do,  you probably often use your bus ticket or a piece of paper as a bookmark in order to help you find the page where you stopped reading. You are not alone! Lots of us, ordinary people, do it too.

Guess what you need to facilitate your reading? A magnetic bookmark ! The best way to keep your pages clean and tidy. What is more, you will always know what was the last page you were reading and you will stop leafing frantically through your favorite book trying to find the last paragraph you were reading before getting of your train.bookmark

A magnetic bookmark is a perfect way for companies to make their name known. They give you a bookmark, you put it inside a novel you’re reading every day in the morning or on weekends, and success is guaranteed! The potential customer will see your logo and your telephone number every time he opens his “Lord of the Rings”.

Horizonsources can offer you bookmarks that can be shaped according to your taste and preferences. You want to put the flag of your country on these cute magnetic bookmarks, off you go! A picture of your church, no problem! Whenever you are ready and as soon as you have your design in mind, pick up your phone and call Horizonsources!!ZAKLADKI