Guerilla Marketing – the new gun!

What’s new in the world of marketing?

Let’s take up our arms and let’s join the cause of Guerrilla Marketing or radical marketing …

For those who don’t know what the Guerrilla Marketing means; it’s an “aggressive and flashy” marketing technique. They reach and achieve goals through non-conventional ways not seen before, like using alternative strategies in order to capture niches with a small budget, but with a lot of creativity!!

See here some good examples of Guerilla Marketing!!

Guerilla Marketing for Playboy …

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Ball’com, a fully inflated comunication

If you can see big balls flying, you’re not going mad! you re just being introduced to a brand new communication tool.

It’s name : the BALL‘ COM, an original and brandnew concept of a borne, lightened and inflated ball.

This new system of mobile tactical display was thought to astonish a targeted audience, and offers an original and stricking communication with a maximum visibility.

We were presented this concept by Julien gautier, Manager of the company WAITCOM:

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“Guerilla” Marketing…

Doc Logo + What is “Guerilla Marketing” ?

According to Isaac Belmar, expert in Marketing and Communication, the Guerilla Marketing is a marketing philosophy which is defending a non-traditional use of the media… Actually, its technique is to add another element to the media: a different and innovator one, which have a strong impact on the target appeal.

The key of Guerilla Marketing is to catch the attention… Which is possible if you manage to differentiate yourself from the dozens of competitors who are struggling to fill their clients’ mailbox with tasteless promotions…

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