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Colorfull silicone wristbands with a message or logo. Many suppliers in the UK propose this product, some are cheap, some are serious, and only a few are cheap and serious as well.

How can you determine if a supplier of wristbands is serious ?

If the supplier only propose you a restriced quantity of available wristband colors, be carrefull, it means they are not real proffesionals. The serious producers can make your wristbands in any color , even for small quantities.

How can the silicone wristbands be personalised ?  There are four main options :

printed-silicone-wristbands-ukJust printed wristbands( in the color of your choice )

An easy option, just be carrefull not to print light colors on dark backgrounds. Also be aware that some UK suppliers for silicone wristbands print very bad quality which fades away after a few days already.

debossed-silicone-wristbands-ukDebossed wristbands( the text is in hollow )

A nice option, this is how the very first silicone wristbands were made for Armstrong. The disadvantage will be that the text is not  very visible, especialy if you deboss small letters.

embossed-silicone-wristbands-ukEmbossed wristbands( Like braille )

Not used by many people, but it is a nice option as well. I think that only 15% of all wristbands are made using this technique, that’s a pity.

silicone-wristbands-ukDebossed and filled with ink

By far the best and most beautifull option, it costs just a little more but the result is worth the difference in cost. The debossed text is filled with ink, so the thickness of the ink assurs an excellent visibility.

What is the cost for silicone wristbands with your own text or logo ? Googling around the web you’ll find many websites in the UK selling custom  silicone wristbands. Only a few websites indicate clearly the costs, as an exemple, Horizonsources UK has a page with online prices, easy to understand.

For 1000 silicone wristbands with your own text printed or debossed you’ll pay £0.25 per piece including set up charges and freight ( delivery in the UK ).

Prices will drop when quantity increase : For 10 000 pieces you’ll be charges £0.17 only.

contact-UKContact for more information :

Horizonsources UK

Silicone wristbands UK

phone : 020 7099 2166

Steve Gadd