“Guerilla” Marketing…

Doc Logo + What is “Guerilla Marketing” ?

According to Isaac Belmar, expert in Marketing and Communication, the Guerilla Marketing is a marketing philosophy which is defending a non-traditional use of the media… Actually, its technique is to add another element to the media: a different and innovator one, which have a strong impact on the target appeal.

The key of Guerilla Marketing is to catch the attention… Which is possible if you manage to differentiate yourself from the dozens of competitors who are struggling to fill their clients’ mailbox with tasteless promotions…

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“Beach” marketing…

After the Street marketing era…comes the “Beach” marketing time! The Australian communication agency Rapp Collins dealt with the promotion of the fantastic documentary series SHARK

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For weddings, Winnies get dressed up to the nines !

Ah, weddings…!

What a delicious ceremony!
A union between a man and a woman who love each other and which goal is to set up a family under God’s benevolent eye! …

A whole institution!

For such an important event it was worth launching the appropriate winnie: husband and wife winnies !

The idea was quite good and we found ourselves under a flood of requests…

But, as we got blamed by Steph Weigert (of Zintuig in Holland) for segregating a part of society, we found ourselves moraly obliged to adapt to society’s development…

Therefore we launched… WINNIES FOR GAY WEDDINGS…

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Give it to the right person

Editorial Presença, in order to promote several books for Father’s Day, with the following slogan’s campaign : “Because your father doesn’t like flowers – The

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USB Memory Bear

Only Mercedes Moreno could put such an item on her Spanish blog for promotional products , it’s a small cute bear, which head is replaced

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Hand over a Gun, Get A Gift

gift Beginning this weekend, Compton residents can exchange their guns for gifts — no questions asked — as part of a city-sponsored endeavor to reduce violence.

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Golf tees with taste

doclogoplus After making a putt, while walking to the next hole, many players take a fresh tee out of their bag…and put them into their mouth. What if that tee has some flavour?

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