Mess up your logo : it’ll get you web advertsing !

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Like many companies our Group, Horizon, advertises on Google Ads: a very efficient method to display your web or blog at the top of Google search pages when a client is looking for a particular product.
My daughter was very happy with the nice picture frame we received as a Christmas present from Google. A nice item indeed: a digital picture frame to display photos, videos and which even plays music.

Some other Google ad clients got an Ipod shuffle with the following message engraved on the back: ” ooGled thanks you” (ooGled is Google shuffled around)!

idop shuffle
A mistake ? Not at all since Google likes to “play” with its logo. Although many bloggers wondered about this “mistake” the engraved shuffle brought them an explanation for excellent advertising on many blogs: Google Ad client receive nice presents.

Thanks to Google for the nice digital picture frame we received !

Info found on : a really excellent blog about promotional products.