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Our weekly Marketing post comes from Singapore this week and is about… FAST FOOD. Talented chefs from the Royal Plaza on Scotts hotel in Singapore

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Ecologic Promotional pen

A unique “Promotional Feather Quill Pen”, made of a nice goose feather and a ballpoint pen. This new product is a fantastic alternative to the

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ASI Study Gauges Usage and Potential of Social Networking in the promotional products industry

The Advertising Specialty Institute®, the largest media and marketing organization serving the advertising specialty industry in the USA, today announced the results of an exclusive social networking study gauging the impact, usage and potential of social networking among ASI distributor, supplier and decorator members.

Results show that about half of respondents expressing an opinion (53% of distributors and 48% of suppliers) feel they will be increasing the time they spend with social networkinginthe next two years. Nearly 90% of respondents also feel social networking already is or will become a good way to promote their business, but there is no overall consensus about which site is most relevant today.

The study indicates that LinkedIn, an online site for professionals, is used by about 54% of distributor members and 46% of supplier members who responded to the survey, and that the majority with accounts (93% of the distributors and 85% of the suppliers) use it for business purposes. About 25% of distributors noted that it is the most relevant social network for the future.

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Face down of the promotional tee-shirt

The other night, I through an eye on the French web page of “marketing-etudiant” where you can find an overdose of information on marketing and its different fields.
When reviewing the “experts” of the industry (where I beg to be quoted) I saw the nice smile of Geneviève Piquett, and I decided to visit her Blog :VLAN

Here is where I found those surprising tee-shirts. Everyone knows that a promotional tee-shirt can be printed in the front on in the back. BUT who thought about printing the inside of the tee-shirt? The effect is great and I am sure that many young people will take delight in showing the face down of their promotional tee-shirt.

We love the idea!!

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We just go with the cheapest

Posted by Paul Rose from Merchandise Mania

paul rose Now does that sound familiar to you? Certainly in the current marketplace it makes sense for people to shop around for the most competitive prices. Now I’ve spoken many times about the importance of value over price, but it seems that there are still some people in the world who just want it cheapest and so for those people, this week’s blog is dedicated to you.

The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s FREE. There you go, you simply cannot get cheaper than that short of my actually paying to read this stuff, and as I know that quite a lot of you are, I think we can all agree that that’s not going to happen.

In all seriousness, let me ask you a question. Is your company the cheapest in your industry? Now really think about that before you answer, because some of you would have instantly thought “YES! YES WE ARE AND WE’RE PROUD OF IT”.

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NEW PRODUCT: the Shape Paper Clip

The paper clip is actually not a brand new product!! The first bent-wire paper clip was invented in 1867 by Samuel Fay in the United States. This clip was originally intended primarily for attaching tickets to fabrics… its shape was quite different to the one invented 27 years later and that we still use today.

The paper clip adopted many different shapes through the year but only recently we invented the CUSTOM SHAPE PAPER CLIP: a paper clip which could have any personalised shape, even the shape of a company logo!!


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Promotional Products for the car

Today, we wanted to present you a very new and interesting product: the POLDER (from the contraction Pen-Holder).

Created by Orel, a unique investment firm, specialized in investing in patents of entrepreneur students having ideas in useful technologies.

Recent researches made world wide companies come to the conclusion that promotional items do not reach their maximum impact potential due to an over concentration of products in the office environment.

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