Promotional Products for the car

Today, we wanted to present you a very new and interesting product: the POLDER (from the contraction Pen-Holder).

Created by Orel, a unique investment firm, specialized in investing in patents of entrepreneur students having ideas in useful technologies.

Recent researches made world wide companies come to the conclusion that promotional items do not reach their maximum impact potential due to an over concentration of products in the office environment.

The end user is less sensitive to these stimulations nowadays because he encounters them all the time and is developing an automatic block of the message caused by the lack of interest.

Commercial companies are always looking for a promotional item which has both long lasting advertising impact and which is located in an unfamiliar promotional environment : for instance, a driver’s cabin.

This patented pen holder is especially adapted for the car AC levers and will efficiently promote your logo inside the driver’s cabin.

This new promotional product meets the standard pricing for ordinary promotional pens while enhancing the benefits for the customer by being unique, practical and long lasting.

The Polder provides massive exposure to the end user and surroundings,fits a wide variety of pens and is available in many colors.

To have more information about the Polder, please send mail to Itai.

If you like this product, you will love our CLIPBALLS too!

Clipballs are car-air-fresheners which fit firmly and easily in the aeration grid of the car.

The logo is printed on the front part, under a dome of resin, or directly on the round top and will be seen each time your client drives his car.

The Clipball associates high-quality perfume with your logo and has a great impact on people.

From 500 units, you too can customize your Freshballs with your logo!

To have more information about this product, contact-us or have a look on our Car air fresheners’ Website