The Scent of a Promo Sells

Article written By Maya Case for

Marketing and selling your promotion can generate interest in your brand or product. Creating a marketing plan is especially important if the product is new and/or hasn’t had much time on the market to grab people’s attention. There are many different ideas you can use when selling your promo items, including giving away free samples, offering major discounts, and rewards and drawings, among others. One idea not used nearly enough when selling promotional products is taking advantage of scents, smells and people’s ability to remember one product over another.

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3 promotional items trends you should follow

How do you get the best returns from a promotional advertise?
This is the main question that all marketers are wondering about. Where do you start and what should you look for?
We selected three trends this fall which are essential in the purchase of a gift or promotional product.

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2010 bpma Student Design Competition winner announced.

The first ‘bpma Design Innovation Award’, sponsored by 3M, has been won by Andrea Pisa, a design student at Brunel University.
bpmaThe Competition challenges UK based undergraduate design students to create a new product idea for the promotional merchandise industry. Launched by the bpma, the annual competition seeks to create new British designed products for the promotional market, and to focus UK design students on the large and thriving UK promotional industry that will be largely unknown to them.

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Minimum Wage by Province in China, 2010

Posted by Conor O Donovan from the ODM Group in Hong Kong

With China’s growing economy, worker’s expectations on salary are rising all the time. So too is their cost of living.
The government periodically adjusts the minimum wages to cope with these changes. Minimum wages in China are decided at the provincial level. The Department of Labor and Social Security tracks a large number of economic development indicators: the local cost of living, the CPI, the housing funds, the unemployment rate as well as the area’s level of economic development and many others before issuing locally a minimum wage. China’s level of development and cost of living varies widely across the mainland. See Graph for breakdown by province for 2009 & 2010.

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Promotional ashtrays

Promotional ashtrays are very popular now ! With more and more strict smoking bans coming out recent years, a pocket ashtray seems necessary for a

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Tips For Buying Promotional Products From China

Posted by David Dawson PromoGifts Uk

Top on the list of those who export things world-wide, China is known for selling anything to anybody.
chinese factory From Promotional products to fishing gear; if you look at the label, it most likely says made in China. In this article, I’m going to cover some tips you might want to remember when you’re dealing with this country that has risen to the spot of economic giant. If you are able to overcome the drawbacks, than it’s likely that you can make some money dealing with China.

26 tips so far… feel free to add any of your own after you have read through, if you have had experience in dealing with China or any other far east countries then please do add your comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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Gifting a Deluxe Poker Set

People do different activities to utilize their leisure time. Usually, retired people get more leisure time to spend and they like playing games to use this free-time. Games are played for fun and excitement. Most of the people play poker just to get out and socialize. Poker is a very popular game, especially in US & Europe.

It can also be played online. However, activity of playing a live poker offers you an opportunity to mingle around and make friends. Elderly, retired people need to socialize much more than others as they get to make conversations that help them build their network.

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PPAI 2010 in Las Vegas

las vegasLast week we visited the PPAI show in Las Vegas, Surely the most important promotional product industry event in the USA, to be compared with the Düsseldorf PSI in Europe.

PPAI did not yet release information about the number of visitors or exhibitors yet, but according to information from the exibitors the attendee was down with at least 20% compared to last year, we could clearly see this at the show, there was for sure activity but it wasn’t hectic as it used to be other years. Same for the number of exibitors, estimated to be at least 10% less than last year, maybe more.

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