Wine-in-a-can ! Who the hell dared!!

Bert Groenendijk, from the Dutch company “La Parada” presents us a brand-new product marketed by Barokes.

This product: Wine-in-a-can™ is an innovation in wine marketing and packaging concept…

(Bert, I apologize in advance for my skepticism and for every nasty thing I am going to say about this new concept, but my French culture and education forces me to consider that drinking wine in a can is an aberration!! … I am sure my compatriots will agree!)

Anyway, Wine-in-a-can ™ is about to be launched in the market of promotional items and gifts.
Wine-in-a-can will be presented as a trendy premium (mainly for outdoor and events) and a new End of the Year gift.
The wine is available in 6 kinds and will be presented in an original Mix Pak of 4 cans.

Let’s see what Bert from “La Parada” is going to tell us about this new…and quite surprising concept:

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ATISHOO!! God bless…the rain poncho!

We are entering the PERFECT season for Promotional Rain Ponchos!

Automn coming with its lot of rain and greyness…

The perfect item for street marketing, sport or outdoor events…

Example: A big outside event: festival, concert or meeting is planed. Organizers and especially sponsors pushing their brand, anticipating a possible shower, buy customized rain ponchos with their logo on it: they just have to hand them out if it starts raining.

Let’s imagine the impact of this communication!
It has a double positive effect: on one hand, participants are offered a rain poncho which shows how well organised the event is..
On the other hand, the communication impact will be very strong if thousands of people all wear your promotional rain poncho at the same time! And if the event is broadcast on TV, Success is guaranted!

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Red Cross Promo

something as simple as changing the color of the sand in this hourglass makes all the difference of this Red Cross promo. The sand plays

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For weddings, Winnies get dressed up to the nines !

Ah, weddings…!

What a delicious ceremony!
A union between a man and a woman who love each other and which goal is to set up a family under God’s benevolent eye! …

A whole institution!

For such an important event it was worth launching the appropriate winnie: husband and wife winnies !

The idea was quite good and we found ourselves under a flood of requests…

But, as we got blamed by Steph Weigert (of Zintuig in Holland) for segregating a part of society, we found ourselves moraly obliged to adapt to society’s development…

Therefore we launched… WINNIES FOR GAY WEDDINGS…

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This promotional Hot-Pack is Red Hot!

This is a very HOT product which will set fire to your communication.

The “Hot pack” is an incredibly fun and unusual promotionnal product:
The way it works is quite simple: a small metal-chip is placed inside the pack, and once snapped, it initiates a chemical reaction that heats up and harden the liquid…

But our prime interest is that the Hot-pack is completely customizable for shape, as well as colour aa well as the logo or text printed on the pack. It can keep your brand or logo warmed up for a while in your customers heart.

The Promotional Products industry will certainly never stop surprising us with its inventiveness and innovations…

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One striking Chopstick!

After years spent under the yoke of excessive marketing campaigns and mass consumption, we’ll at least have learned one thing at least :

Absolutely everything can be used as a communication medium!
Actually, we are overwhelmed with advertising campaigns of any kind each day
Personnaly, I have had my fill of communication campaigns, which is paradoxical for someone working in gift and premium business!
BUT I must admit that recently, I was touched and surprised by an amazing campaign…

This was the subjet of the communication:

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Promotional Pocket Ashtray

Eco-friendly, the Pocket Ashtray helps to protect the environment by preventing the careless disposal of cigarette ends in the wild. Contrary to disposal ashtrays, it

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