One striking Chopstick!

After years spent under the yoke of excessive marketing campaigns and mass consumption, we’ll at least have learned one thing at least :

Absolutely everything can be used as a communication medium!
Actually, we are overwhelmed with advertising campaigns of any kind each day
Personnaly, I have had my fill of communication campaigns, which is paradoxical for someone working in gift and premium business!
BUT I must admit that recently, I was touched and surprised by an amazing campaign…

This was the subjet of the communication:

The JWt Singapore agency has launched a campaign during Chinese New Year Celebrations, aiming at raising public awareness on Landmines victims.
As Chinese restaurants are assaulted at this period, 650 chopsticks packs have been placed in several tables around the country.
And when customers opened their pack to have dinner, they discovered their chopsticks as you can see them on the picture:
One broken chopstick with a message saying: “Landmines victims find it difficult to feed themselves” with a website to go and donate.

All the same, we can still be surprised by some communication campaigns!!

To learn more about this campaign: Chopsticks