Weapons of Mass Advertising

Boost Promotional Products, one of the leader company in Australia, enjoys chatting with business owners within many targeted industries and Online. They have been amazed at the amount of small businesses that do not use Promotional Products.

Below are just some of their reasons:

1. Too expensive for advertising
2. No idea what do with a Promotional Item or how to market it
3. No industry experience or new product fear
4. Don’t need it

What Kyle, from Boost Promotional Product, would like to do in this post is provide 5 core reasons why your business needs to implement a marketing strategy like Promotional Products.

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Using Promotional Items for Employee Functions

Let me present you an article written by Samantha Fellows, from Clickpromogifts in United Kingdom, about the importance and utility for the firms to invest in promotional gifts for their employees, and not only for their clients! If you want to know all the benefits it can bring to your organization and how to choose the good gift for your staff, read this article!

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Expand Your Promotional Possibilities Through “Use Re-Invention” Thinking.

Here is the latest article from Mickael Merry Crooks, a 23 year advertising veteran in the US and a devoted writer of our BLOG!

Come on Michael, please us one more time!!!

You know that guy that comes up with an idea that causes you to roll your eyes ? I’m that guy. I’ve caused more eyes to roll than a potato farmer.

I recently caused an eye-rolling episode for a local florist . I was holding a huge, soft rubber fist that serves the promotional market as a 20oz beverage holder, primarily in sports settings. I said, “What do you think, Jim? It’s the Fistful of Flowers bouquet.”

He rolled his eyes. His wife rolled her eyes. Why? Because, in their mind, flowers go in vases and baskets — not in big fists. After some prodding, they agreed to put arrangements in the fist. Suddenly, they realized the marketing value of themed arrangements and their ability to appeal to specific circumstances and situations in people’s lives. This insight will help separate them from the rest of the florists in town.

Often my ideas are initially outside of people’s comfort zone because I employ “Use Re-Invention” thinking. I simply reinvent how something is used. For instance, if I say, “Hey, let’s put this tire on the car” you’d probably go along with it. But what if I say, “Hey, let’s use this tire to grow potatoes.” You may roll your eyes, even after I tell you that I know it works — because I’ve done it!…

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Spread the Word About Your Company Through Promotional Products

creativeThere are hundreds of ways of putting your promotional message across at a tradeshow or a promo event. Among them are methods as exotic as setting up a light show with multi-colored laser beams playing with your logo and slogan on walls and floors or of the trade show hole; or having some hot models (with large imprinted logo, slogan on those scanty pieces of clothes that cover their bodies) to stand in your booth or walk around the hole, handing out your promotional gifts to people to their shock and pleasure.

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A world without promotional products ! (4/5)

Imagine, up from tomorrow, there are no promotional products any more in the world.
What is the impact apart from my own businesses to collapse?

What will a world without promotional product look like ?
Be careful, if you can’t give the answer, it might mean that promotional products are useless !

Here is an answer of Michael Crooks (Crooks Advertising Alliance), promotional marketer in the US and my favorite writer of this blog :

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Promotional Condoms fight against aids

Take out a condom and help fight against aids.


On December 1st ( World day of fight against AIDS), an outdoor poster showing the word “AIDS” written with more than 500 condoms was displayed in a lot of spots throughout the city of Rio grande do Sul in Brazil.
As people were invited to take condoms out of it, the word AIDS began to disappear, increasing awareness on the importance of using condoms to stop the spread of AIDS.

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Choose the Right Color for your Promotional Products

Once you have defined the concept, product, need and budget, don’t forget one aspect which is too often neglected when choosing a promotional product: its color!
What color should you chose for a promotional product? At first sight, the subject doesn’t seem crucial and while in 95% of all cases, the advertiser chooses the color of the product according to the color of his logo, let’s try and see if that is a logical choice!

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