From nothing to success

Doc Logo +Yellow tail Here is a nice example of the effectiveness of promotional merchandise when integrated in a communication plan. “Yellow Tail is an Australian wine who came to be the best-seller in the United-States within two years.

How ? well, combining a young image, fetching labels, a popular style, adjusted prices and above all, by offering a nice promo: Yellow Tail put a promotional temporary tattoo in the New Yorker. Basically, it positions them as the hip, edgy brand in a product category that is seen as stuffy and snobby, and advertising in the New Yorker gets the attention of the kind of hip urban young adults who also drink wine..

The use of promotional products as incentives is not new at all, but companies increasingly use temporary tattoos to build or change their brand image.
If cleverly used, temporary tattoos can have a great impact not only on sales volume but mainly on brand perception and recognition.

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