Don’t fall into the trap when buying Thundersticks

taptaps-3Thundersticks, also known as tap-taps are inescapable items for cultural, political and sport events. If you want to support a team, a movement or a demonstration, you can make noise with your 2 sticks and show your logo through the crowd. Nevertheless, there are important points you need to know before falling into the trap and buying defective bangers.

taptaps-1 Is there a standard size for bangers? The size of bangers is almost the same for all producers (about 596 x 107 mm). The printing surface will be about 508 x 95 mm. The main difference will concern the quality of the valve. I am sure you wouldn’t like your banger to be completely flat just 5 minutes after the beginning of your event. Therefore, before ordering bangers, you should ask for samples in order to check the valves.

Are bangers sold per piece or per pair? Can I put little beads inside to transform my bangers into maracas? Regular bangers are sold per pair. The idea is that you hit the bangers one against the other in order to create a big noise. If you want special shapes (like a bottle of beer, a sword, a hand…), you can ask to have little beads inside. They will transform your item into funny maracas. Those particular bangers will be sold per piece. In any case, no matter the shape, your banger will create a great effect only if it has been perfectly jointed. Otherwise, you will arrive to the same result as with a defective valve and be forced to shake a flat bottle of beer in the air.

taptaps-2 How many colours can I have on my bangers? Be careful, there are two different aspects to consider: the colour of the banger and the colour of the logo or text you will ask to be printed on the banger. Bangers are made of polyethylene. The printing technique is called four colour imprint, which means that you can create every colour of the spectrum with four basic colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, black), according to the international PMS. And naturally, the price will depend on the number of colours you want to have printed on your banger.

taptaps-3 What are the techniques of production? How will my logo be printed on the bangers? The printing of your text or logo is the most important part of your banger because it will have to be perfectly eligible for TV cameras, sponsors… They will be printed as a roll and jointed afterwards. A printing on both sides, even two different texts or logo is possible. For example, you can have on one side your logo and on the other the address of your internet site.

What is the minimum quantity order? The minimum quantity order is 2500 pairs

taptaps-4 What is the delivery time?Take a few second to think if you find bangers with your own Logo delivered within one week. It is not possible! Bangers are produced in China. The delivery time will depend on the quantity, both for the production and for the transportation: a small quantity can be sent by plane (but it is usually more expensive), whereas a bigger quantity can only be sent by boat. It will then take longer.

Are bangers sent in individual packaging? Bangers will be sent per pair in small packages on which will be written instructions in the language you desire. Don’t hesitate to require a language because instructions will be very important for the person using the bangers.