Boost your booth traffic with promotional giveaways!

How to use promotional product to boost your booth traffic ?
Brenda Keener from Suite 101 gives us some good hints on her website : Choosing promotional giveaways
For example, at one point, she reminds us to keep in mind that what you give away is a reflection of your company.

Below is the first of a series of case studies from all around the world on this subject.

A very original giveaway is the one used by DME in Belgium last year. DME had two booths at the same trade show but quite far from each other. They were looking for a way to get visitors from one booth to visit also visit the other.
DME used nice black socks displaying their logo. Each sock had a headercard explaining that the visitor could claim the second sock at the other booth to make the complete pair.

The gift was original and usefull as many visitors kept the sock in their hand till they arrived at the next booth.

To get more info about socks with logos : ( Europe ) ( North America )