Temporary tattoo

Temporary tattoo As a promotional product and premium the tattoo is a strong vector! We did post several entries on this blog about the temporary

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Waterless Temporary tattoos – This is new!

The use of temporary tattoos as promotional products has proven to be a real success for brand communication.

Tattoos leave their mark on the body but also in people ‘s mind for a long time.

Temporary tattoos, if well chosen, can reach any kind of result.

But what’s hot in the range of promotional tattoos?.

But what’s hot in the promotional tattoos ranges?
A waterless tattoo which can be applied anywhere, at any time: without water!

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Thermographic Tattoos

Turn up the heat and alter the degree of your next promotion with a Thermochromic, body heat activated Temporary Tattoo. The Tattoo turns from a

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Temporary tattoos

Here is a good example of use of the temporary tattoos. Loup.org is a website about wolves. To promote the image of wolves they realized

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Temporary Tattoos pen

Everybody knows the fake temporary tattoos, cheap and funny product for mass promotions, on pack promotions etc. All of you also know the real tattoos,

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