Promotional dog tags

dog tags Of course, the product of the month in December could have been related with Christmas, but we did it in october already with the innovative christmas cards. So this month we’ll introduce the item that for sure will be HOT in 2007 in Europe.
Great for promotions, fundraiser’s, events, teams and more!

Everybody has seen the silicone wristbands which were extremely popular in 2005 and 2006.

dogtags The European market is already looking for a similar item to vehicle slogans and ideas. Many companies and associations, sport clubs and instututions used the silicone wristbands with success. So here is the product that will be as popular in 2007 : THE DOG TAGS.
Bracelets were popular as everybody could show the message in daily life. Dog Tags will do the same in 2007. Dog tags are available in stainless steel or in silicone like the wristbands. They come with a nice ballchain to hang around the neck.

In Europe the Dog tags are sold by Horizon sources SL in Spain. dogtag dog tags