Effective and fast !

Winnies drive the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in the Netherlands.

Fast marketing tools driving the message are becoming more important. As one of the leading promotional sales companies on the web in the Netherlands, we see that our customers ask for a reduction in delivery times. What used to be weeks is now sometimes reduced to days!

Winnies are made in Western Europe. Lead times are short and are easy to customize. It’s a promotional product that is increasingly used to drive a marketing campaign. For example: the Dutch railway company used the Winnie “conductor” to tell everybody that stations where being renovated. By the launch of the campaign the commuters got their winnie.

For Connexxion, the biggest public transport company in the Netherlands, the Winnie “disco” was used to introduce the Nightbus. On major squares and bus stations in the urbanized parts of the Netherlands, party goers received their Winnie Discos.

In both examples, delivery time was critical. Nowadays, compagnies use a vague marketingstrategy for the long term and use effective short term promotions to drive their strategy. Promotional products that can be produced and delivered fast are the most suitable ones. For me, the Winnie is the winner for 2007.

By Jasper Martens from Zintuig in Holland To buy Winnies or Wuppies :
www.winnieman.nl or www.wuppieman.nl