Visiting the Hong Kong premium and gift fair

hong kong trade fair Hong Kong trade fair! Yes, I know it’s been already three weeks ago since I returned from the Hong Kong Premiumd and Gift Show, but unfortunatly I didn’t have time to write about it. It’s a pity because the fair was worth a long review here, on this blog ! This year again, I found many new and interesting products there.

The fair is big, about 4000 exhibitors from 38 countries are showing their products. hong kong fair The fair is big, about 4000 exhibitors from 38 countries are showing their products. The fair is very well organised, a pleasure after the Guanzhou labyrinth. Each hall has it’s specific items and exhibitors and there is a lot of staff around to guide the nearly 30 000 visitors to the right places. This year, I really felt that the organisation was making a big effort to guide buyers to the right spots. At the entrance of each elevator at a new floor visitors’ badges are scanned again, i supose this will help the organisation for future years to become even more efficient. Out of the many trade shows I visited this year, this fair has the best organisation for sure.

trade fair
Featured products include advertising gifts, pictures and photo frames, ceramic gifts, silverware, consumer electronics, stationery, corporate gifts, toys and sporting goods, fashion jewellery and accessories, travel goods, watches and clocks, general gift items, paper and packaging, and party and holiday decorations.

For the first time, exhibitors from Pakistan have put together a group pavilion.

Visitors are of all kinds, importers, distributors and final clients like Coca Cola, Carlsberg Brewery, Christian Dior and Moet Hennessy come to the fair.

The website of the Hong Kong premium and gift show : Premium and gifts