Advertising Show 2007 in Romania

advertising show bucarest

This fair started in 2003 with 42 exhibitors and 2400 meters of floor space. Already in 2006 there were 4 times more exhibitors, and 10 250 square meters of floor space. !!

advertising show bucarest

A fast growing and colourfull tradefair worth a visit !

alina Ionita Below is an interesting interview with Alina Ionita, about the Advertising show 2007 in Bucarest, Romania.

show Henk : Please explain in a few words who are the visitors at the 2007 Advertising show in Bucarest, are these national visitors, end users, or distributors ?

alina Ionita Alina : ADVERTISING SHOW is the most dynamic fair on advertising production market in Romania. Therefore, its target audience varies from national companies to foreign specialists. Whether local or from abroad, visitors of the exhibition defined by “Advertising at its best!” are both end users and distributors, but also advertising agencies interested in trends and innovations in the advertising production industry.

show Henk :I understand from your website that the exhibition has a wide scale, including promotional products and gifts but also Software and Sign making, can you give some more information about the product target?

alina Ionita Alina : Well, ADVERTISING SHOW was created as a complex exhibition, a meeting place for the entire advertising production industry in Romania. Specialists in this field felt the need for such a complete event, reuniting both software and equipment, signmarking and engraving, services, but also specialized press. Therefore, the fair’s topic is extremely diverse, in order to meet professionals’ demands: producers and distributors of equipment; software and hardware; materials and accessories; neon/light; indoor and outdoor signmaking – technologies and know-how; wide format digital printing – outdoor; indoor digital printing; screen and pad printing; engraving; services; promotional items; audio-video production houses; photo equipments; advertising photo; stationary; specialized magazines and many other. For more details you’re welcome to visit our official web site:

Henk :Are exhibitors mainly from Romania?

alina Ionita Alina : ADVERTISING SHOW hosts mainly Romanian exhibiting companies, still, the fair is a genuine point of interest for companies from abroad. At every edition, many foreign specialists in advertising production have been interested both in exhibiting and in visiting the show. Moreover, given the economic and commercial changes of the local market due to Romania’s adhesion to the European Community, remarkable investments are expected to be made over the next period in the latest technologies, products and so on. Therefore, a large number of companies from abroad are interested in the Romanian market in this field in order to identify new business opportunities and best take advantage of the newly established contacts.

show Henk :This is the fifth edition of the Advertising show, what is your opinion about the Romanian Premium and Gift industry ? and how do you think this industry will develop itself in the coming years ?

alina Ionita Alina : One fact we cannot deny is that the advertising production industry in Romania is in a continuous and alert development. After 1989, advertising has been one of the fields with the fastest growth and throughout the years, local players struggled to keep the pace with trends and innovations on the international market. As organizers of the most important exhibitional event of the advertising production industry in Romania, we can say for sure that local companies in this field become more and more interested to expand their businesses, both on the Romanian market and abroad. Concerning promotional objects, there is a tendency towards more personalized products – original, new ideas rather than classic ones, which can better express the company’s identity.

show Henk :Why would professionals from Western Europe visit the fair or exhibit their products there?

alina Ionita Alina : First of all, as I have mentioned above, ADVERTISING SHOW is a complex exhibition with a diverse topic concerning various fields in the advertising production industry. Therefore, the fair gives the opportunity to a complete perspective of the local market, reuniting both end users and distributors, advertising agencies, specialized press etc. It’s the best way to meet the Romanian industry, with a minimum outgo of time and effort on the visitors’ part. As for the exhibitors, the same advantages are in order – the chance to contact the main local players in the field, see tendencies and explore business opportunities. Again, allow me to underline the fact that the Romanian market is a growing one with lots of business opportunities in sight, especially considering our integration in the EU. Although ADVERTISING SHOW has hosted many foreign companies so far, both exhibitors and visitors, for this year’s edition we estimate an increased participation from abroad. Concerning the promotional objects field, ADVERTISING SHOW 2007 launches the second edition of the GIFTS’ SHOW contest. The contest targets only Romanian exhibitors, awarding the most original promotional objects on a given topic. GIFTS’ SHOW’s first edition in 2006 was a great success – therefore, organizers decided to launch a new challenge for the local professionals in the field. To summarize, ADVERTISING SHOW is the place where we guarantee ADVERTISING AT ITS BEST, whether concerning innovations and trends or business contacts and opportunities! We are looking forward for your presence at the most dynamic advertising production fair in Romania!

Henk : Thanks for this information Alina !

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