Top Ten Ways to be More Successful on the promotional product market

asi show orlando Tim Andrews from ASI spoke about his “Top Ten Ways to be More Successful” and what he believes are ten vital elements that can help define your success in the advertising specialty business and also outside.

Author : Tim Andrews from ASI

Many of these points could be things you’re already doing and may help spark thinking about how you can inspire clients and how people view your brand – both very important.

Top Ten Ways to be More Successful:

  • 1. Watch your brand – maintain and protect it all the time.
  • 2. Know your business – know where your business is going and know where the risks are.
  • 3. Know your personal strengths, weaknesses and failures.
  • 4. Differentiate yourself – figure out what people want and do it better than anyone else.
  • 5. Ask for the business.
  • 6. Admit when you’re wrong.
  • 7. Listen to your clients.
  • 8. Treat clients really, really well.
  • 9. Inspire your clients with ideas and execute flawlessly.
  • 10. Think about and never forget where you came from.

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