The right personalized socks for your activities

It’s the beginning of 2014 and, like every year, you took good resolutions. Of course, you want to do more sport, especially more outdoor activities to breathe and take time to focus on yourself. Of course you want to eat healthier food, be fitter, and more reasonable. As usual, you find excuses to not respect your resolutions and often, you charge your equipment to be the reason of your  lack of motivation.The-right- personalized-socks-for-your-activities

We can’t fix all your issues but we can help you about one important thing : the confort of your feet all day long.You’re right, to feel good, you have to wear the good outfits and have the right equipment (even if it’s only one part of your success). We all know the importance of our feet. The well-being of your feet ows everything to your shoes of course (high-heels are killers) but also to your socks ! The right material, the right size and the right options like half-terry or full-terry are super important. Then, the socks personalization is the cherry on the top.

standard-personalized-socks-logosocksSTANDARD SOCKS : A long working day is waiting for you. You have to be classy and simple : choose the plain standard socks. Keep it sober and choose dark colours. With their 21 cm of leg’s length, you’ll make no taste mistake.

sport-personalized-socks-logosocksSPORT SOCKS : You need to unwind and to expend your energy by doing a very energetic sport activity ? Choose the sport sport. Their leg’s length is about 12 cm so that you can wear them with your sneakers without being ridiculous.

You’re a football/rugby player and/or you like skiing ? Choose the right long socks (leg’slength 35 cm). Your legs will stay warm and


  • For these three models, you can add the half-terry option or the full-terry option. Your socks will be thicker, warmer and more cosy.
  • You’re assisting a yoga class and you’re afraid of slipping ? No worries, personalize your socks with the anti-slip dots option !

Finally, the best and last thing you can do is to personalize your socks with your own message. The socks can be woven up to four colours which give you a large range of possibililities. Moto or logo, you can do everything you want !

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