The importance of individual packaging for promotional products and business gifts

What is a promotional product ? It’s an item given free of charge, most often printed with a company brand or logo. As it’s for free, how is the value of the item appreciated by the receiver?

This morning I bought some flowers for my mother in law and saw the shopowner wrap my flowers with a large cristal plastic paper adding colored ribbons.
Once wrapped like this the flowers looked much more expensive. I think it’s an excellent example to understand what to expect from a promotional product.

Bringing a flowers or a present to a person, you’ll carrefully take away the pricelabel, and you’ll wrap the present in a nice paper or box to add value to the gift.

A birthday gift in a nice giftbox has more value to the receivers eyes than a pen in a plastic bag.

A birthday gift you hand out personaly to the person gets more attention that the gift you just put on the table at the entrance of his house.

Exactly the same works for promotional products, packaging adds a lot of value to the product itself and should not be negligated. Even a cheap gift deserves a wrapping and special attention needs to be payed to the way you hand them out.

Many times distributors tell me that Packaging is to expensive and won’t fit in their clients budget. I think they’re wrong. Not paying attention to the packing is a big mistake. The gift or premium will look like half it’s value in this way.
A typical example are the Logosocks, sold by one of our companies in France, 80% of the orders for promotional logosocks are bulk packed and distributed. For sure a nice giftbox adds an amount to the budget but it’s a small amount compared to the added value it brings.