Interview with Leo Kostylev IAPP Russia 2/2

Kremlin With 70-80% of the sales of promotional products being done in Moscow, is the Russian market unbalanced? Where are advertising products produced? What are the most popular advertising products in Russia…? If you want to know more about the Russian market, you should read the second part of the interview made with Leo Kostylev from IAPP Russia.

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Interview with Leo Kostylev IAPP Russia 1/2

matrioschkaIt seems that the Russian advertising market is a “new market” currently in great expansion. What can you tell us about this situation and the evolution of the market over the last 15 years?

The Russian promotional market is as young as the commonly Russian market economyand currently the most dynamically developing market around Europe

Here are some interesting information if you want to expand on the russian market.

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Promo surplus for survivors

An Open Letter to Promotional Product Suppliers, Distributors and Buyers from Dan Safkov: By now you know that thousands of Californians have been devastated by

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