Fresh Air Promo!

Your need to refresh the air in your car? With the heat, it smells more like you forgot a pair of old dirty socks under your seat??

Don’t worry we have the ideal promotional product to make your car a fresh and pleasant place!!

The FRESHBALL : a promotional car air-freshener that will diffuse a high quality perfume and display the logo and the colors of your company!

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striking bangers!

Bangers are the indispensable promotional product to be used in a public event!

They are really appreciated to promote a brand in Sport events, football stadiums, basketball, publics and social events, rallyes or contests.

It’s incredible to see how strong is the impact on people who assist to the event.
Bangers leave a lasting mark: it’s proved that the use of bangers in a sport event increases significantly the memory of the brand.

The strong visual impact is a tool serving brand image.

HORIZONSOURCES manufactures the best banger quality of the industry.

Made of ultra resistant Polyethylene, our bangers are the only ones to be be printed full colour!
Its system of valve prevents the banger from deflating.

And to adapt even more to your event, we also offer special shape bangers: basket ball, foot ball, bottle, sword, hammer inflatable hand, etc…

Are you interested in receiving a special offer? Contact us now and we will send you a free quote with no compromise.
I bet you won’t find better prices!

Dare to have success!

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My logo smells good !!

Doc Logo +
The “Freshballs” are part of the Horizon group exclusive line of promotional fragrance diffusers : practical and original promotional products with a strong promotional impact ! You’ll quickly realize it with the following :

The “Clipball” model clips firmly and easily in the air vents of your car.

Clipball The “Stickball” model is self-adhesive and can stick to any smooth and dry surface such as computer screens, kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

We offer six standard colours which can be combined. Moreover, since you’re reaching the 5000 units, you’re allowed to choose any Pantone colours, without any additional costs.

Stickball We can also relate the fragrance to your logo : For example, a car dealer can choose a leather smelling “Clipball”.

The standard fragrances are: Vanilla, Tropical and Rasperry, but like with the colours, the choice is expanding from 5000 units.

Full colour imprint logo which can be printed on added resin top (fantastic effect!) or directly onto the round surface of the air freshener

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This product looks nothing much!!

No, really, this product isn’t much to look at!!
Some people could even find it ridiculous: it’s cross-eyed and hairy as an ape.

Well, excuse me but I have to maintain it’s a great product.
This promotional plush, better known by the name of “Winnie”, is actually an ace of comunication! The king of promotional products!
Its best asset: ITS RIDICULOUS LOOK that provokes a smile to anyone who receives it.

The message printed on the ribbon that comes with the plush has a strong impact in people’s minds!
Why, because the message (text or logo) is associated with the notion of humour, the best friend of marketing and communication….

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A small furry pompom, a pair of eyes, adhesive feet’s and a ribbon on which a logo or message can be printed. That’s the Wuppie,

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