Small promotional products, big results !

richard ouellette
Many distributors in Europe now buy frequently from the far east. But only a few buy promotional products from the New World. It’s a pity because there are some innovative items there that deserve attention. This interview is about a range of Promotional golf products made in Canada by the company Zoogee.

Interview with Olivier Bertrand from the company Zoogee in Canada.

promotional productsHenk : Dear Olivier, I think I first saw your product line about 7 years ago at the PPAI show in Vegas. I remember very well a small but dynamic booth getting a lot of positive interest from the visitors. Your products are really innovative and I’m convinced you do very good business in Northern America. Please introduce yourself and your company in a few lines.
zogeeOlivier : This is correct our products always get much attention at trade shows particularly because of the innovativeness and quality of our products. I am responsible for the graphic arts Department of Zoogee World Inc. and I consistently get praised for the service, quality and ease of working with our company as well as the helpful selling tools we provide to our distributors.
Our company has specialized in a photo-quality full color domed process applied to our own innovative and patented items as well as a major line of high volume and trendy promotional items, not to mention our own patented “Executive Style Packaging” which is quickly becoming the way to hand out promotional products and business cards in a professional manner.

promotional productsHenk : You started To market your product lines in Europe approximately one year ago, how do you feel about selling in Europe ? As a Canadian company you have the advantage of speaking already both English and French but how do you deal with the other languages in Europe ? Is it an important handicap ?
zogeeOlivier : We have been successful at promoting our products within Europe and there are many distributors who have been doing very well selling our products all across Europe.
Our company is very well versed in French and English and as our sales grow across Europe we would definitely like to be able to provide service in other languages such as German and Spanish to name a few.

promotional productsHenk : You participated in PSI last year, how is the reaction of European distributors when you tell them they have to order directly in Canada ? Can they pay you in Euros ? Do you deliver door to door and what is your delivery time once the art is approved ?
zogeeOlivier : Of course the biggest challenge is the importing side of the business for our European distributors but we have developed procedures which keep them informed of every step as well as all costs involved with importing our products. Our company’s key focus is to work closely with our distributors to build a solid relationship which provides them with as few surprises as possible. Presently we prefer to be paid in US dollars but as our sales grow in Europe we will definitely find a way to provide our products in euros. Because of our fast five day production time along with our close relationship with our courier companies most orders are delivered well within 10 business days.

promotional productsHenk : Your product range was really Golf related, but I feel you’re widening your range this year , is that correct ?

zogeeOlivier : Our golf products have definitely been the flagship of our company but we are also very well known for our superstrength magnetic products and all of our full color domed products which are now available on batteriless flashlights, USB sticks, gaming products, zipper pulls, key chains, coins, paper clips, dog tags, cell phone charms, custom shape pendants, window clings, lanyards, pull reels, button badges and more.

promotional productsHenk : Which of your products is really the best seller and why?

zogeeOlivier : It is hard to identify the best selling product but definitely our two best selling categories would be our Lucky Golf Ball Marker line which has won numerous international awards for best promotional product of the year for its usefulness as a golf tool accessory as well as a its high visibility and low cost as a promotional tool. As well as our Magic Magnet line which is by far the strongest magnetic pin on the market today and provides an excellent cost effective replacement for standard lapel pins, as well as the incredible ease of putting it on and it does not leave any holes in the clothing.

promotional productsHenk : You’ll be at the PSI in Düsseldorf again this year, please indicate your hall and booth number. Will you participate to any other European trade shows in 2007 ?

zogeeOlivier : The PSI Düsseldorf show will be our only European show this year but we look forward to major impact from European promotional product distributors at this impressive show. Please make sure to check us out in HALL # 3 at booth # K38 to get your free catalogue and samples of our products.

promotional productsHenk : Thanks for your time Olivier and see you at the PSI in Düsseldorf.

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