QR silicone wristbands

Qr-Code-ID-Silicone-BraceletDo you know what product is currently fashionable in France? The silicone wristband with a printed QR code on it. QR stands for Quick Response. When printing it on an item of your choice, you can read it either with your cell phone, or a special bar-code reader or even with a webcam.

What is the purpose of this little QR code? It actually stocks different data and information that might be useful to you. It helps you go on the Internet site of your choice directly or even pay with your cell-phone. The purpose is thus marketing. Different brands use it to push their clients (by luring them with different discounts) to go on their Website. The client does not even have to go look for the brand on the Internet, the code QR does the work and provides direct access to the site.

How does it work? You can create your own QR code on a web generator. To be able to read it, you need a cell-phone with a camera and an application to read this great code! Then, all you have to do is flash the code and it will take you to the website.

Contrary to what we could think, this code is not a new invention. It was created in 1994 by a Japanese company.Japan

Therefore, this is the comeback of the code QR together with customized silicone wristbands. When given out at a special event, the wristbands are really appreciated by everyone and it is a pleasure to wear them. The printed QR code has found itself a perfect support to encourage people to flash it! This is a great way to considerably raise the number of viewers on your page.

Do you wish to create your silicone wristband with your own QR code on it? Contact Horizonsources.