Promotional products database

Interesting interview with Bernard Lavigne director of European Sourcing. This company proposes an excellent promotional products database.

Interview :
Mr. Bernard Lavigne Director

  • Is your promotional products database only available for distributors ?

No, in June 2006, we established a space reserved to end users: Selection Space. Available from the public part of our website, it is the only space which permits to end users to do his own selection of products before contacting his distributors via our website. The distributor receives a message with the picture of the product selected by his client, with the brief. The distributor had just to connect on our website with his personalised passwords to access to suppliers’ details. These details are available only in the private part of our website; exclusively reserved to distributors.

  • Who payes you ? The distributors or the Suppliers ?


We are paid for 20% by distributors and 80% by suppliers.

  • How do you compare your promotional products database to other similar databases ?


Our database Has been specially thought for distributors. It has been made from paper catalogues of suppliers: each page was scanned and indexed – actually over 1500 catalogues). Our database permits to distributors to search as they used to, but instead of searching in paper catalogues, they search on Internet in their own language.

  • Why would a distributor choose your database rather than an other supplier ?


A distributor should better use our database rather than another because our is richest in information and totally European. It does not obliged distributors to change their habits of sourcing and working. It makes them winning time and its access is FREE !

  • Do you propose only Europe based suppliers or also far east suppliers ?


We have only European suppliers.

  • Do you propose a free trial period ?


The access to our database is FREE. There is a subscription to use 2 services online reserved to our members: SELECTION SPACE to spot on new and leading products and PROMOTION SPACE to take advantage of promotional offers and destockings proposed by suppliers.

To visit the promotional products database :

Many thanks to Bernard and European sourcing.