How to customize your silicone wristbands

How-to-customize-your-silicone-wristbandsHi everyone. I guess it’s time to sum up everything we can do with silicone wristbands. believe me, you can create an awesome customized product for a cheap spending. You just have to be creative.

It’s not always easy to understand because just a few thing on your silicone wristband can change the whole aspect.

1ST POINT :  Size and shape of your wristband.
A standard silicone wristband, adult size, generally measures 202 x 12 x 2 mm (length x  width x thickness).
You can have a standard silicone wristbands but a children size : 180 x 12 x 2 mm.

Then you can have different wristband widths. You can chose :

THIN silicone wristbands : women love them. They are considered as more feminine ( only 7 mm of width).

LARGE silicon wrisbtands : 18 mm or 24 mm of width. They will offer you a big print area but let’s be honest, they’re way less chic.


Then, if you have a bigger budget (because we don’t do non-standard product for a small quantity of course), we can begin to really have fun. Silicone wristbands can be created according to a special shape.
For this, we have to create special molds to fit in the silicone. As a consequence,  the minimum order quantity and the price will be higher but honestly, it’s worthy. The result is much more original and significant.


2ND POINT : the wristband’s style itself
The second step consist in stylizing your wristband. First, you choose its color. Of course, you can choose among all the Pantone colors. You can also do something fun with the multicolor option (different color sections), marbled option (mixec colors), glow-in-the-dark option, fluorescent option (flashy colors), golden or silver glitter option. With this huge choice, you should find something you like.


3RD POINT : The personalization type

The personalization type means : “how do you want your text or logo appears on your silicone wristband.
Here again, if you’re good to create a great design and if you choose the right font, the result can be absolutely wonderful.

You can chose among :

– IMPRINT (1 or several colors)



– FILLED IN  (print in the debossed part)


4th POINT : accessories

We usually accessorize special wristbands (I mean non standard wristbands). You can add a metal sheet on which will be engraved your text/logo.

You also have the possibility to make hologram silicon wristbands (but please, stop dreaming, it only works in your head. You’d better train your mental and your body if you really want to be a badass in sport).

The interlace wristbands (or double wristband)  is also very cool : original and very meaningful, it’s very appreciated for people who fight for fraternity causes and stuff like this. Also, its low minimum order quantity (only 200 pieces) is a very big advantage.


All right, I hope everything is clearer for you now. The silicone wristband is THE promotional product and its success remains huge. It’s the better and cheaper way to communicate. It still has the golden medal of the best goodies.

If you want to take the plunge, contact professionals who’ll be able to guide you :