How to choose a USB drive (2)

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Make your choice according to your needs:
Capacity of storage and functionality.

By Laurent Olivier from Pixika gifts and technology.

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Multi use data carrier
With a USB drive, you can take your data with you wherever you go! It’s an incredible replacement of floppy disks: on a 256 Mo model, you can store the equivalent of 180 floppy disks.
According to Pixika, producer specialized in customized USB drives: the most popular storage capacities in promotional products are 256 and 512 Mo, because of their excellent price/quality ratios.
USB drives allow you to save any kind of file: pictures, music, word documents or others… They are considered the easiest solution to share data from one computer to another. If you have to transfer documents from a PC to a Macintosh, do not hesitate any more! USB technology allows you to go from one to the other, without any problem of compatibility.

On some models, like the one Pixita offers, you can store your emails via an integrated software.

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Brand new functions to make life easier
From 1 gigabyte, USB drives can have the same use as external hard disks. With these models, you can for example create scores, which represent many advantages. They allow you to store your data with your own logic, or you can decide to save some of your files with a password. This means that you can lend your USB drive without being worried that someone would consult your personal data.

The last born in the market is the “U3” technology, which offers the possibility to have your own office, personally configured on every computer. Those models are mainly aimed at people using cybercafés: plug in the drive, all your files appear, as well as your hardware and even the picture chosen for your screen!

In the same trend, a complete range of portable office automation hardware has been launched. It looks like Microsoft Office, but is 100% portable, 100% free and can be customized with your logo by some specialists like Usbandco. To see the complete range of Pixita USB drives, click here.