How to choose a USB Drive (1)

cle usb

The USB drive has revolutionized data storage, has made it easy and intuitive.
What are the standards to be taken into account, what are the new functions and customization options: here are the keys to make the good choice when buying a USB drive:

cles usb

Clé USB, mode d’emploi
A USB drive is characterized by its child’s easy use, fast carrying out: thanks to its flash memory, it works like a removable hard disk, which can bear a million deletes.

Moreover, there is no need for a battery or cable – it is self-fed.

This type of peripheral matches the “plug & play” standard: the computer automatically detects the peripheral without needing a driver. cle usb publicitaire
Make sure it’s compatible with your computer
The only precaution to take before buying your USB drive is to check the mother board technology of your computer. Old models only work with type 1 USB drives, first generation now obsolete.

“plug & play” does not work with the Windows 98 or MacOS 8.6 operating systems, which are previous to this technology. You will have to install the pilots corresponding to your USB drive for it to be recognized.

Make sure your producer supplies it with the necessary material.

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