Divage, the new cosmetic brand which builds buzz thanks to promotional items

Do you know Divage? I bet you don’t…yet. This is a young cosmetic brand which is growing very fast. Founded in 1999 in Russia, the mark is now targeting the Italian and French markets.  Its positioning “average range” makes it aim women like us, neither with very big income nor without. With a young and fresh communication, the young brand follows fashion and shares its good taste for joy, beauty and life though social media.
Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (1)Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (4)

Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (3)Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (8)

For its development in Italy, the communication team chose what its considered as the best by young people : social media and personalized goodies! Divage mostly chose silicone wristbands and satin wristbands and added some personalized flags and other printed tee-shirts perfectly staged on Instagram. Why these promotional items instead of others and how have they been used ? Yana Nanova, the communication manager explains the role of these goodies and the different ways Divage used them for 3 different events :

-Event n° 1 : the GAMF (= Golffo Aranci Music Festival) from the 1st to the 14th of August 2014 in Sardinia. Divage was sponsor of the music festival and presented its products by giving free make-up, make-up artists’tips and promotional goodies. Satin wristbands were used to wrap gifts while silicone wristbands were distributed (new king of visiting card.)
Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (6)Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (2)

-Event n° 2fashion show and gala dinner Divage on the 11th of August at Bagno Adriaco in Italy. The aim was to communicate on the brand, again. The main word was visibility. This time, satin wristbands was multi-use, showing the clever and creative spirit of the marketing team. Satin wristbands were used as hair accessories in the beautiful hairdressing of the models. Some mascaras were offered to women during the dinner, they were wrapped with the beautiful pink satin wristbands. Some other were just decorating the tables.

Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (7)Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (5)

-Event n° 3 : During the Divage conference form the 22 to the 23 of September in Rimini, Italy. The aim was to present Divage products to different potential distributors of the brand. The atmosphere was more serious and studious but the promotional items did their effect anyway. Satin wristbands  injected some dynamism in this space decorating the table of work while silicone wrisbtands were given to the potential distributors with tee-shirts and catalog. Who wouldn’t want to sell Divage products after that ?

Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (9)Divage-the-new-cosmetic-brand-which-builds-buzz-thanks-to-promotional-items (10)

Divage chose promotional items to push the development of the brand and to increase its visibility towards the public and the distributors. By using these goodies, the aim was clear : silicone wristbands were useful to remind the name of the company in people’s mind. With its punchy colors, the silicone wristbands were a physical  and visible trace of the brand and they were fun enough to be worn. Satin wristbands were a perfect support of Divage image on different “scenes” : decoration on table, fashion hair accessories or simple ribbon for gift, this product is simple, useful and beautiful.

For Yana, the importance of using promotional items to communicate is huge :  “I think goodies are less formal visiting card. People  remind us by wearing our wristbands and other people discover them. That’s why quality and design are super important. The more a product is attractive and fun, the more people will use it or wear it and the more they will spread the word by speaking of it or showing it to other people. We know where starts this communication  but we don’t know where it ends…”

Divage definitely understood the importance of promotional items to succeed in its development.

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