Disney and its fascinating promotional products

disney-333x400If we were to cite an example of a success story, Walt Disney would definitely fit the profile. Everything started even before the World War Two with the creation of Disney Brothers Studio on October 16, 1923.

A little after that, the company started making feature films and experienced its first success with Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (released in 1937). Cult cartoons followed: Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo, Bambi and many others that you have seen at least one in your life.

The company has had 32 Oscars and as a result, it is now on the pages of the Guinness Book of Records. In 2011, the turnover of this public company, whose headquarters are located in Burbank, was estimated at 40.9 billion dollars and its net profit at 8.8 billion USD. Its subsidiaries are numerous and its employees continue to grow in number (144 000 in 2009). Starting from 2000, the company has been a distributor and a license manager.

Today, it is very diversified. The cartoons are not the only thing that the kids all around the world are so crazy about; they are also keen on amusement parks. There are five of them: in California, Florida, in Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong. Each vies with the others for the most fantastic attractions that the fans are desperate about trying.

Disney also has 2 water parks, 32 hotels, 8 cinema studios, 11 cable TV networks. This is definitely a perfect way to increase your turnover.

disney-s-california-adventureBut the real goldmine is elsewhere. Disney stores, present in all big cities, especially in the capitals, are a blessed bread for the company. Leave your child in this temple of dreams and he’ll be in heaven. Everything is personalized in the image of his or her favorite character: starting from a pair of panties to a real costume, from a basic necessity (a toothbrush) to the most unimportant accessory (magic ward of Tinker Bell).

These boutiques are of course popular among children, but not only among them. Adults become like crazy when they enter what we could call “a time machine” that can take you back in time. Just imagine: you can see the most serious businessman lapse into his second childhood in the twinkling of an eye when he marvels at the Peter Pan costume and regrets not having had the same one when he was 10 !

145076_candlestickDisney stores count on what we call the emotional purchase. They have understood how the system works and take advantage of it to its full potential. Their challenge: to create an emotional connection with the fans. Disney products make us want to buy them, they create emotions and most importantly childhood memories. The universal theme and the desire of our society,  more violent and blasé with every coming day, is to keep a soul of a child.

The success of Disney brand also shows how consumption has evolved for the last few years; it has passed from rational to emotional. The stores must adapt their offer to their clients’ desires in order to increase their sales: the atmosphere in a store with its music, its odors and its colors has to meet their customers’ expectations. These expectations are sometimes fantasies, but as soon as they are satisfied, they lead to a feeling of immediate trust with the client who lower’s his guard and his emotions prevail. The emotional relationship is “born”.

Thus, Disney promotional products fulfill their role: they strengthen the brand’s image among the fans. Fans’ satisfaction goes together with Walt Disney Company’s profitability.

If you too you wish to personalize promotional products with memories from your childhood, do not hesitate to contact Horizon Sources.