Victoria’s secret loves balloons and proves it !

If you love lingerie or just the models who wears it, you knows the famous American brand Victoria’s secret.

In last november, the big show of the new collection presentation happened in New York city. The glamorous show with the huge media coverage was THE event of the fall.

Based on the circus theme, we could see the most famous models of the world and assist to a big show whose only Americans have the secret. Rihanna and Justin Bieber were special guests and sang during the night.


Of course, as you can imagine, it’s not all the glitter and the glamor that drew our intention. Nope. Us, promotional product professionals, have been stuck by one particular element : the model who marched on the catwalk and who wore balloons in her back ! FABULOUS !

Beautiful cristal balloons of many colors completed the light outfit of our Blondie in garter belt.  She immediately became our favorite one of the show 🙂

Pretty cool  for the great classical product which is the balloon to have this type of ambassador  even if we think they could have been personalized. Well, the show planners probably didn’t believe in the necessity of a balloon personalization as people’s eyes would be captivated by the beautiful creature carrying them in her back. We forgive them.

You want to personalize balloons as well to be as glamourous as American girls ? Contact the specialist :