The Guangzhou fair

After more than 20 hours of traveling, here I am in Guangzhou ( Canton ), China. Guangzhou is changing year after year, more and more brandnew high buildings, more and more infrastructure, large roads, viaducts and so on.
10 years ago it wasn’t that easy to find a restaurant here, now you see the neonsigns everywhere and you can eat in Italian, French, Indian restaurants everywhere. Of course the refined American kitchen is also available under many golden arches. A friend just told me that 70% of all the cranes in the world are in China, this number sais enough about the way the country is changing.

The Guangzou fair is huge, estimate is 200 000 / 300 000 visitors from all over the world and an overall turnover created on the fair itself for 28 billion USD.
In the halls with Household items I found a few intersting products for the gifts and premium market but there is not a specific section for gifts and premiums. The fair is devided in two halls, the old and the new building, the old one is a similar to the grand Bazar of Istanbull where you get lost so easily. The second building is ultra modern, extremely well organised.

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