Best booths at the PromZ trade show in Utrecht Holland

A quick visit of the PromZ trade show in Holland, a small tradefair where about 100 Dutch distributors of promotional products exhibit their products.
Below are listed the best, the most innovative, the most friendly and the most empty booths.

The very first Booth

The very first booth right in front of the entrance deserves a good note ! Premium Buro Nieuwkoop. Very friendly welcome and a nice & well organised booth.

The most innovative booth

The most innovative doesn’t always mean the most expensive. A booth hidden inside a spiral made of a white paper wall; you have to walk inside the spiral to visit the booth. Congratulations to Hokra!!

The friendliest booth

Most friendly booth was Novelties Business Gifts. Even if I was disappointed not to see Alice there, the welcome at this 4-areas booth was great.

The most hidden booth

I’d been looking for that booth, passed in fact three times in front of it, yet never recognized it… Daneco, an important distributor of promotional products in the Netherlands was hidden behind only one of it’s brands, LAMY. The name Daneco didn’t even appear anywhere.

The most attractive booths

The most attractive booth… I’ve been hesitating between Jos premiums & gifts and Wot & P. Both booths were very attractive with energetic and happy salespersons.

The barest booth

A big empty booth in the middle of nowhere, black carpet, a Dutch bicycle in the center, The winner is Interall Group. Far from the dynamic image the founder Tom Bodt was able to give to this company in it’s success years.

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