The Power Balance wristband!

Did you hear about the “Power Balance“ wristband? I am sure you did.

Everybody is talking about this miraculous wristband, that according to what they say, improve balance, strength, and flexibility…
May you believe it or not, the “Power Balance” wristband creates a lot of talk about it!

Let’s see, I would like to try to discover what is exactly the secret of this magic wristband. Let’s investigate a little.
Step one: What is the Power Balance wristband and how it works?

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The best wristband ever!

Many people start to be confused when we talk about the various models of silicone wristbands. Most of them are confusing embossed wristbands with the debossed ones (even some silicone wristbands suppliers do!).

The debossed wristbands are the same model as the avant-gardist LIVESTRONG one from Lance Armstrong.
To deboss the wristband, a mould is produced especially for the order to meet the client’s requirements. This is why debossed wristands are more expensive and take more time to produce than printed wristbands or laser debossed…

Le’s lift any doubt on silicone wristbands:

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Rubber wristband

Silicone wristbands are still modish!! Where to buy them? What is the difference between rubber, plastic and siliocne wristbands? What is the acceptable price to

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How are silicone wristbands produced?

silicone wristbands

Millions of them are sold worldwide, for sure you’ve seen them or even wore of bought one of these silicone wristbands.

silicone wristband mold But how are these silicone wristbands produced? Here is a tour with photos of our factory to show you where these popular wristbands are manyfactured.

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