Artwork redraw made easy….

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The article’s main aim is to bring forth clarity on Artwork redraw. In the following lines I give brief introduction about Artwork Redraw its various formats & printing process, this will then be followed by a detailed article on each of these to help you know everything about Artwork.

Having the best promotional product campaign in hand is not enough. An eminent part of it is getting the right artwork for the product. There is a dizzying array or details surrounding the preparation of artwork. For instance if you have chosen a t-shirt as your promotional product; what will be best artwork which will come out well on it depends on numerous factors:

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Tim’s ASI blog

Here is the link to the blog of Tim Andrews. Tim is working for the USA based ASI association. ASI stands for Advertising Specialty Industry.

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Direct Daily blog

Today Doc logo+ suggests you to visit Marc van Wageningen’s Direct Daily blog! If you’re involved in Marketing you’ll love his blog about the best

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Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame

Many advertisers do print slogans, Slogans, tag lines, claims and signatures on promotional products. Some of them are famous,Apple’s Think different and Carlsberg’s Probably the

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Temporary tattoo

Temporary tattoo As a promotional product and premium the tattoo is a strong vector! We did post several entries on this blog about the temporary

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